Martin Lawrence Says He And Jamie Foxx Almost Made A Sheneneh And Wanda Movie — And He Still Wants It To Happen

Martin Lawrence Says He And Jamie Foxx Almost Made A Movie When Their Drag Characters From Martin and In living color– and he still wants it to happen.

Bad Boys actor and comedian Martin Lawrence has been on a press tour to promote the film Martin reunion special. Lawrence and his co-stars Tisha Campbell, Carl Payne and Tichina Arnold reunite on BET+ to share memories of their iconic show. The cast paid tribute to fellow castmate Tommy Ford who passed away a few years ago. While promoting the reunion on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallontold Lawrence that his character Sheneneh Jenkins would have a movie with the character Wanda Wayne actor Jamie Foxx portrayed on the hit show In Live Color.

‘Martin’ was a huge hit in the 90s and is still a favorite with a new generation of fans.

Lawrence turned into many characters on his show. He played the snotty boy Roscoe, security guard Otis, Mama Payne, karate instructor Dragon Fly Jones, Player of the Year Jerome, King Beef, Bob from Marketing, Elroy the Mechanic and the one and only Sheneneh Jenkins.

As his curious and witty neighbor, she was an all-round girl who took pleasure in checking anyone who did not show her the proper respect. Sheneneh was a fan favorite.

Wanda was a character played by Foxx in the sketch comedy show In living color† She was a woman with a sassy attitude and a sexy personality, but her looks didn’t match. Wanda couldn’t get a man to save her life.

In 2010, Foxx shared with HipHollywood that a Sheneneh and Wanda movie had been written.

No one on either side has talked about the movie recently until Martin Lawrence appeared on Jimmy Kimmel.

When we talk about how a Martin reboot probably wouldn’t work today, however, he said he would be open to a Sheneneh movie.

“I would like to see a movie with Sheneneh. We were going to make a movie with Sheneneh and Jamie Foxx with Wanda, but we never got around to it,” he said. “If we could ever do that, I think you’d all love this.”

Watch the Kimmel interview below

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