Martin Brundle chats with Tom Cruise at British Grand Prix on Sky Sports

No one is safe when Martin Brundle is on the F1 grid with a microphone in his hand – not even Tom Cruise.

The Formula 1 icon did it again in Monday morning’s action-packed British Grand Prix, where his traditional track walk delivered the wild, wacky and hair-raising TV the world has come to expect.

Brundle also made headlines worldwide at the Miami Grand Prix in May when he received a cold shoulder from Serena Williams during his pre-race circuit walk.

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Brundle spoke to a range of celebrities as they lined the F1 grid at Silverstone in the minutes leading up to the race’s start – and he saved his best moment for Cruise.

Cruise politely made a hasty escape after Brundle burst in and put the microphone in the Hollywood star’s face – as subtle as the chaotic situation would allow.

Cruise’s soft-spoken responses sometimes couldn’t be picked up by the mic, but Brundle carried on.

Here’s how it went.

Martin Brundel: How are you?

Tom Cruise: Very good. How are you?

MB: Welcome to the grid again. Congratulations on the movie that has just gained momentum. Are you cheering for someone in particular today?

TC: Lewis (Hamilton) always. I like to see him race and he is a good friend of mine. Hope he has a nice day.

Martin Brundle is a hit man on the Silverstone Grid. Photo: Fox Sports, Sky Sports.Source: Delivered

Cruise gave Brundle a reassuring pat on the back before turning around before the Sky Sports commentator could answer another question.

Brundle walked away and told the live TV audience, “I was pushed a bit. But he was sweet. I would have liked to have talked to him a little longer.”

Cruise was in the VIP area of ​​the track when he celebrated his 60th birthday.

Brundle also had some memorable moments chatting with Liverpool star Trent Alexander-Arnold and rapper Stormzy.

In classic Brundle fashion, he continued to talk to Britain’s Culture Secretary, Nadine Dorries, although he clearly had no idea who the politician is.

Martin Brundle on the Silverstone Grid. Photo: Fox Sports, Sky Sports.Source: Delivered

He also walked right past MMA star Paddy Pimblett without recognizing him.

The race itself was just as dramatic with rookie driver Zhou Guanyu surviving one of the most terrifying crashes in recent memory.

The crash occurred on the very first lap of the race when Zhou was accidentally clipped by Mercedes’ George Russell on the opening corner at Silverstone.

Zhou’s car flipped over, sliding at full speed off the track and onto the gravel before landing sideways on the guard gate.

Zhou Guanyu’s takes off from the air on the opening corner at Silverstone. (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)Source: Getty Images
The halo saved his life. (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)Source: Getty Images
Find the helmet. (Photo by Ben Stansall / AFP)Source: AFP

The race was red flagged and after a long delay, Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz finally claimed his first win in his 150th Grand Prix ahead of Sergio Perez and Lewis Hamilton.

Australian Daniel Ricciardo finished 13th in another forgettable result.

Zhou posted a selfie on Twitter after the race to reassure fans he was okay, repeating the “halo saved me today”.

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