Mariah Carey Lied About Hit ‘All I Want For Christmas’

A former songwriter for Mary Carey claimed her story behind the hit’s creation Everything I want for Christmas is nothing but a lie.

In a recent episode of the podcast Hot Takes & Deep Dives with host Jess RothschildGrammy award-winning songwriter Walter Afanasieff discussed his career and the long collaborative relationship he had with Carey.

Both Carey and Afanasieff are credited on the song. Still, Carey has claimed in the past that she wrote the song herself as a young girl.

“I’m proud of this song that I actually wrote on my little Casio keyboard as a kid,” Carey told Billboard in 2017.

On the podcast released Thursday, Rothschild asked Afanasieff for his side of how the song came about.

“At that point we were both on the same exact page of how we wrote Everything I want for Christmas is you‘ said Afanasieff. “There was never an ulterior or alternate story, alternate universe, alternate reality, until probably 10 years ago.”

“When she kind of started hinting at the fact that, ‘Oh yeah, I wrote that song when I was a little girl.’ Like, but why didn’t you say that 12 or 13 or 15 years before that? So it just sort of developed in her mind,” he said.

Afanasieff further argued that Carey doesn’t have the musical chops to be able to write such a complex song.

‘But she’s not playing anything. She doesn’t play the keyboard or the piano, or she doesn’t understand music,’ he said.

“She doesn’t know chord changes in music theory or anything like that. She knows no diminished chord from a minor seven chord to a major seven chord. I mean, all the things you need to know, even if you don’t know, at least you need to know how to play that,” he added.

“So to say that as a little girl she wrote a very complicated song with a chord structure with her finger on a Casio keyboard. It’s quite a strong story. I mean, it’s like, yeah — it’s a hard song,” Afanasieff said.

Afanasieff further explained that the song was written 50/50 between him and Carey as the pair were developing an entire Christmas album and decided to write three originals for the record.

According to Forbes, the number is Everything I want for Christmas is you has generated $2.5 million dollars in annual royalties since its initial release in 1994.

Listen above Hot Takes & Deep Dives.

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