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Eight doctors, nurses and a psychologist who cared for football legend Diego Maradona will be tried for manslaughter.

Maradonawho captained Argentina’s World Cup winning team in 1986, passed away in November 2020 at age 60.

The star, who? has had an operation for a subdural hematoma a few weeks before his death, died as a result of cardiac arrest.

Prosecutors now allege that his death was the result of “omissions” by his caretakers.

In the 236-page document accessed by Reuters, the judge presiding over the case alleges “the conduct – actively or through negligence – of each of the accused which led to and contributed to the achievement of the harmful outcome.” “.

It says eight people, including doctors, nurses and a psychologist who cared for Maradona at the time of his death, are being charged with “simple manslaughter” – meaning taking someone’s life on purpose.

The charge carries a prison sentence of eight to 25 years.

A medical team appointed to investigate Maradona’s death in 2021 said the star’s medical team acted in an “inappropriate, flawed and reckless manner”.

The suspects named in the ruling were Maradona’s neurosurgeon and personal physician, Leopoldo Luque, psychiatrist Agustina Cosachov, psychologist Carlos Diaz, nurses Gisella Madrid and Ricardo Almiron, their boss Mariano Perroni, and doctors Pedro Di Spagna and Nancy Forlini.

They have all denied responsibility for Maradona’s death and the judge said lawyers for some of them had asked for the case to be dropped.

‘We are looking for the culprit at all costs’

Vadim Mischanchuk, a lawyer for Cosachov, said they would appeal the decision, adding that the psychiatrist’s area of ​​concern had nothing to do with Maradona’s cause of death.

“A culprit is sought at all costs and objectivity is lost,” said the lawyer.

Mario Baudry, a lawyer for one of Maradona’s sons, told Reuters the World Cup winner was “in a situation of helplessness” at the time of his death.

After his death, there were three days of national mourning before Maradona was laid to rest in a cemetery near Buenos Aires.

Maradona has long struggled with his health, including alcohol and cocaine addiction.

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Diego Maradona and Peter Shilton during the famous ‘Hand of God’ goal. Photo: Rex/Shutterstock

Maradona was also hospitalized just before his death because he was “mentally not well”.

In 2005, he underwent gastric bypass surgery to lose weight, and in 2007 he was treated for life-threatening alcohol-induced hepatitis.

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