Man heroically weathers Hurricane Ian Floodwaters to rescue stranded cat

One man’s compassion for a stranded cat has left many on Twitter feline.

Mike Ross, 29, of Bonita Springs on Wednesday challenged the Florida Man stereotype as he bravely endured fast-rising Hurricane Ian flood waters to save a “terrified” looking cat.

“The storm surge had increased quite a bit at that point,” Ross told The Washington Post from the moment he decided to rescue an orange and white cat who sought refuge from the flood on a mounted air conditioner. Ross said that although he had grown up in Florida and had seen his fair share of chaotic weather, he told the paper that this particular storm was “absolutely terrible.”

Ross’ mother, Marybeth Ross, caught the rescue on camera. It occurred just before the Category 4 storm, with maximum sustained winds close to 250 mph, made landfall.

Ross’ girlfriend, Megan Scavo, later shared the video of him wading through murky, knee-high water to carefully retrieve the frightened animal and bring it to safety.

“My friend rescues a cat from the water at Bonita Beach,” she captioned the video. Twitter users responded to the clip by essentially saying Ross was the cat’s pajamas.

Others recalled making similar rescues themselves.

Ross told the Post that that cat is staying with his family and they plan to keep it if they can’t find a home.

Excavation placed and update to Twitter to tell users that they are currently calling their “wonder cat” Ian. She also linked to a GoFundMe page to raise money to restore their home and the homes of others damaged by the storm. She said half of the proceeds would go to the Humane Society Naples in honor of Ian the cat to help other animals affected by the crisis.

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