Man convicted in 1994 murder of Brockton on parole after Baker commuted life sentence


“Through his rehabilitation work and example for other inmates, he has shown a willingness to re-enter the community.”

William Allen spoke to the Governor’s Council at its hearing on February 1, 2022. Lane Turner/Globe Staff

The Massachusetts Parole Board unanimously voted to grant parole to William Allen, who served 28 years in prison for participating in an armed robbery in Brockton, where his friend stabbed a man to death.

Allen, whose release was supported by a number of supporters, including New England Patriots player Devin McCourty, was serving a life sentence without parole until Governor Charlie Baker commuted his sentence in February with the option of parole.

Allen then appeared before the probation committee for a March 31 hearing, and the council made a decision on Wednesday. In a written statement of its decision, the six-member probation commission said that Allen “has taken extraordinary steps toward self-improvement” and has “demonstrated significant commitment to numerous rehabilitation programs, all of which occurred prior to any possibility of parole.”

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