Man brutally rejected on date for cycling there – instead of getting a tube

A man took to Twitter to explain that he had arranged a beautiful first date for him and someone else – but was rejected because of the mode of transport he took

Have you ever been rejected for being a cyclist? (stock image)

Cyclists often get a lot of unnecessary stick work, don’t they?

However, you can understand why anyone would want to cycle in London as tubes can be an absolute nightmare.

They are hot and at peak times you have your face in someone else’s armpit if you can’t get a seat – it’s not always a pleasant experience.

However, cycling is in the fresh air and you can get from A to B fairly quickly if you are good at it.

Yet one man claims he was turned down on a date because of his preference for cycling.

He shared his unfortunate story on Twitter, asking people to share their own stories in return: “I remember arranging a picnic in the park with a date and getting into trouble cycling there. Needless to say, the date didn’t go well, I was ignored.”

The chaotic WhatsApp exchanged bewildered people

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He shared a screenshot of the WhatsApp exchange with the person he was texting: “Tubes are ridiculous.”

He replied: “That’s why I cycle!! I rarely use transport.”

The anonymous dater said, “It’s supposed to be a date and you’re on your bike!”

“Uh? What does my mode of transport have to do with it?” he replied.

“Doesn’t matter,” wrote the other.

He replied, “I don’t understand what you mean.”

‘I’m going to walk and you have a bicycle. Hardly a date – and then you cycle home and I on the subway!” they cheered.

He became confused and frustrated when he replied, “But we’re going to the park. I’ll lock my bike at the station when I meet you.”

In a shock twist, they replied, “Can we leave it? I’m here now, but it looks like you just met a buddy at the park.”

The confused man replied, “Just because I ride a bike?”

Other Twitter users were stunned by the exchange, wondering what was so shocking about cycling to a date.

Someone posted a load of red flag emojis under the exchange.

One said: “’I don’t understand what you mean’ is so polite. I was like wtf are you talking about?”

“Wow! This seems like such a non-issue, imagine what he would be like about the big stuff! Bullet dodged I feel,” reasoned one.

Another wrote: “Gosh that’s crazy but I have to chuckle at the absurdity.”

Others shared their horrible first date stories, writing: “My own worst was the guy who told me how he bought a car for his ex when they were together, but when they broke up, his ex wouldn’t give the car back, so he went and hit it! I finished my drink and made my excuses to leave!” We can’t blame him at all.

Another wrote: “I went on a date to a coffee shop. I offered to pay for drinks. He ordered a drink which ended up costing me £8 vs my 1.80 black filter. Fine. But then he went to talk for an hour about his love for Lady Gaga, and he never asked me a question.”

“He ordered my food for me without me even saying what I liked…” added another user.

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