MAFS’ Jackson Threatens Kyle & Jackie O Show With Legal Action

Married at first sight Jackson Lonie has threatened legal action against the Kyle and Jackie O Show on KIIS FM for sharing an OnlyFans clip of him and his girlfriend Olivia Frazer

Jackson has hired a lawyer and formally contacted the presenters after they played a video of him receiving a sex act on the radio. The footage was played during an interview with MAFS alum Sunday Calarco and Ella Ding who, along with the Kylie Sandilands and Jackie Odescribed the footage and responded live.

“They showed the footage to Dom and Ella while they were in the air and they described what was going on and started to shame myself and take Liv down,” Lonie said. Sunday confidential.

“I was shocked when I heard it on the air.

“It was very hypocritical of them. We’ve been on their show before and they had a crack at Liv because she allegedly did what they did and did.”

Hypocritical, you say?

Frazer also called out the Kyle and Jackie O Show in Instagram Stories last month.

Lonie claimed he lost his job because the footage was made public. He also said that his mother has now seen it. Yaks.

“My boss is a family man and he had people reaching out to him and asking him about my content…I understand it’s not in line with his morals, so I lost my job,” he said.

“It was scattered and it put him in a difficult position.”

Lonie’s lawyers argued that making the images public was a copyright violation, as the app is set up in such a way that people pay for the content they view.

“The copyright we claim is in a performance or work contained on the Only Fans site that my client owns. And it should have been clear to the radio station that someone had to go through two paywalls to get to this performance”, managing partner of DSA Law Joseph Alescia told Sunday confidential

“We say it is copyright infringement to play it. They’ve been trying to do that to direct traffic to their radio station, and just because they giggle or keep going doesn’t make it right.”

Lonie has filed for a permanent injunction on further use of the content, damages for copyright infringement or lost profits, and additional damages for loss of income and pain. He has also demanded a formal apology from Kyle and Jackie O on air.

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Image: Kyle and Jackie O Show via Twitter/Nine

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