Luis Diaz stars in Colombian TV ad for Aguila beer

Luis Diaz is now used to being a star in front of the camera and his dance moves have become world famous.

Thanks to a new video he shared on his Twitter account, we can see the Colombian trying out some acting to match his dance β€” in a new TV ad.

The clip was produced by Cerveza Aguila and accompanies the caption: β€œ@LuisFDiaz19 is Aguila’s new ambassador and he will take the delights, joy and passion of Colombians everywhere. †

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It might be a little unusual to see footballers being sponsored by alcohol brands these days, but Aguila is a huge company in the homeland of our number 23.

Given the size of the brand and the popularity of the player, this looks set to become a strong working relationship between the two parties and could open the door for more acting in the future.

Once the 25-year-old learns English, we may see him star in some of the club’s advertisements and be even more loved by our supporters.

You can watch Diaz’s video at @CervezaAguila on Twitter:

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