Love Island’s Liam responds to learning Michael Owen is Gemma’s father after leaving the villa

Liam Llewellyn has candidly told why he decided to leave the Love Island villa after gathering all the islanders around the fire pit earlier this week to break the news

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Love Island: Liam Responds To Learning Michael Owen Is Gemma’s Dad

Liam Llewellyn has broken his silence for the first time since making his shocking decision to leave the Love Island villa just days after joining the ITV2 show when he appeared on Aftersun.

The master’s student, who has studied Strength and Conditioning, has explained why he decided to quit the ITV2 show, leaving his fellow islanders in shock as he called them all around the fire pit to break the news.

Liam appeared on Aftersun after the last episode of Love Island and before speaking to host Laura Whitemore, Love Island producers shared the highly anticipated bombshell that Gemma, whom he was paired with, is the daughter of soccer legend Michael Owen.

The reality star was shocked by the news, noting that he is a fan of Newcastle United and has one of Owen’s shirts from the club, also adding that he almost disconnected on the first night when the pair chatted about football. .

He said: “I can’t believe who that actually was. Thats crazy. I am a United fan. I actually have one of his tops when he came to the club.

“I can’t believe who that actually was. That’s crazy.”



“That first night we were chatting about football and her family. I was so close. I can’t believe I didn’t get it all out.”

Prior to his appearance on Aftersun, Liam confirmed his return to the UK by checking out his Instagram Stories.

“Yes folks, it’s Liam!” He wrote. “I’m back. I’m absolutely blown away by the love and support shown to me while I was at the villa and since I’ve been gone.

“I appreciate you all like you wouldn’t believe #loveislandbaby.”

When Liam made his shocking announcement earlier this week, he admitted he hadn’t really learned to date anyone after the split from Gemma Owen, who was paired with Italian stallion Davide.

Liam left the villa in tears with his decision

After that, none of the bombshells Ekin-Su or Afia seemed to harm him.

Speaking to his fellow islanders, he said: “Obviously we all came here for the same reason, but I didn’t give Liam 100%. I know what 100 percent Liam is and I’m miles away from that.

“Trying to find someone to leave the villa you love with, that’s the goal. But if you don’t feel that, it’s very hard to find. I’ve thought long and hard, it’s not a whim, so I’ve decided to leave the villa.”

“You are all unreal. I had an absolute ball,” he added, leaving most of them in tears as he explained his decision to leave the show after just a few days.

Luca was emotional when he admitted he would miss Liam, and in a harrowing moment they all went to the bedroom one last time when the boys promised to contact them after the show ended.

Liam insisted he had no regrets



This came after Liam admitted that rejection would be the worst thing he could face at the villa.

Speaking to The Mirror and other press before entering the villa, he said: “Something I’m most nervous about is probably the feeling of not being wanted in a rematch or something, not being picked.

“Everyone wants to be wanted and chosen. So the feeling of not being chosen is a nerve-wracking thought for me. That feeling of being rejected is never nice.”

He added: “It puts you in a vulnerable position and that is in front of the whole world. And you are vulnerable to everyone. I think that’s a position no one would want to be in, I think.”

Love Island airs every night at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

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