Love Island UK viewers urge show to impose age minimum after ‘crazy’ age differences in first episode

Love Island viewers have criticized the age differences between contestants on this year’s series.

ITV’s popular dating show returned for its eighth season on Monday night (June 6) with 11 new singletons entering the villa for their chance at finding love (and £50,000 in prize money).

Several talking points emerged from the first episode, including the age gap between the islanders.

Currently, Michael Owen’s 19-year-old daughter, Gemma, is the youngest in the villa. The second youngest is Liam, 22 years old.

Fans on Twitter started discussing the topic of ages, especially when Gemma said she was interested in newcomer Davide, who is 27. Many called the eight-year age difference “crazy.”

One person wrote on Twitter: “19 and 27 is an insane age difference”, while another wrote: “No, Gemma’s age means I can’t see her with any of them. Just feels wrong.”

Many fans have now suggested that Love Island impose a minimum age on participants.

“Please, please keep a minimum age of 21. I don’t want a 19-year-old kissing someone approaching 30,” said one person.



“Must have an age limit Love Island because 19 is fucking weird when there are people touching 30,” said another.

Another wrote: “If we consider the potential risks to participants’ mental well-being on Love Island As evidenced by past events, it seems utterly bizarre and irresponsible to me that the producers would decide to throw a teenager into the mix this year.”

the independent has contacted an ITV representative for comment.


you can read the independent‘s review of the first episode of Love Island here. In response to the talk about age differences on the program, the independent‘s Laura Hampston has explored when age differences in relationships become inappropriate.

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Also after the episode, many viewers were in hysterics over new contestant Liam’s ridiculous Elton John gaffe and Swansea paramedic Paige’s comments about “the Mafia” to Davide.

You can find all current details for what time Love Island starts here daily and current opportunities here.

On Tuesday night’s episode (June 7), newcomer Davide will see which girl she wants to couple up with, leaving one of the guys single.

Love Island continues every night at 9pm on ITV2 except Saturdays.

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