Love Island star’s family apologize after “offensive” comment

Love Island The family of star Mollie Salmon has apologized Instagram following a comment the star made on Love Island: Aftersun

The Southampton make-up artist was asked what her biggest turn-off was before entering the villa and her response sparked comments online.

Mollie told After sun that her biggest turn-offs were allergy sufferers: “I actually dated a guy with a lot of allergies. When you go to a restaurant and you can’t eat anything off the menu, and it’s really frustrating.”


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After the clip, Mollie’s family took to her Instagram Stories to apologize, saying her response was not offensive and thanking fans for their “continued love and support.”

“On behalf of Mollie, we would like to apologize for any upset caused by the allergy comment,” they wrote.

“This was not said with bad intentions, nor was it said that it would intentionally offend or upset anyone. Mollie herself suffers from a seafood allergy,” she added.

After the comments, Allergy UK went to their Twitter address the problem. The charity, which is committed to helping people with allergies, said it was “disappointed” with Mollie’s statement.

“It highlights why we need better awareness about the realities of living with allergies. We insist on talking about allergies, but such attitudes make it more difficult to do so,” they wrote.

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Bombshell Mollie has already impressed the original guys. On last night’s episode (July 4), Mollie got her toe sucked by Luca in a game of ‘Raunchy Races’.

from last night episode also saw the guys clash after Dami and Summer shared a kiss, seeing the new girls as a “test” for his relationship with Indiyah.

With Summer to spend some one-on-one time on the patio, Dami used his “mind reading” trick and the pair shared a long kiss.

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