Lost puppy travels from Brooklyn to NJ – NBC New York

A seven-month-old puppy recovers from an incredible nine-day journey through two states, two rivers and six miles.

The dog, a German Shepherd named Bailey, ran from his home in Brooklyn and made it all the way to Jersey City. The pup left his Red Hook yard on April 29th and then went on quite an adventure.

His four legs then took him through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel on Saturday, the Holland Tunnel on Sunday and the Gowanus Bay the week before.

“He’s insane, he’s incredible. He has the record,” said Harriet Zucker, Bailey’s trainer and director of Red Hook Dog Rescue.

Zucker had helped the dog through a number of behavioral issues for several weeks before his owner said he got out and went missing. It had been going on since the day Bailey was released, and despite making and distributing leaflets, there had been only a few mocks.

“Once I knew he didn’t die in the water, I was afraid of that…I thought we’d find him somehow,” Zucker said.

Bailey, who is young and takes a long time to trust people, was spotted in a parking lot at the New Jersey Home Depot on Sunday. That’s where Port Authority police officer Andrew Vignapiano was tied up and went to a ledge near the parking garage to rescue the terrified dog.

“I slowly got closer, told the dog he’s a good boy and I could get the dog on a leash,” said Vignapiano, who owns a Husky. “I blow kisses and say all the sweet things we say to dogs.”

Bailey was brought in from the ledge and is much calmer since she was found. He has won the hearts of the vets at the Vet Emergency and Referral Group in Brooklyn, where he is being treated for the wound to his leg after the adventure of a lifetime.

Zucker said that once Bailey is fully healed and back to 100 percent, he will be put up for adoption, where she is confident he will find a family.

“Everyone falls in love with him, so I think he’s fine,” she said.

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