Lori Lightfoot Proposed Annual Pay Increases for Chicago Mayor

Chicago mayors would get an annual pay raise each year under a proposal from Mayor Lori Lightfoot that would link annual pay increases to inflation but limit it to 5%.

The ordinance, which came into effect this week, would also allow the town clerk and treasurer to get a pay raise every year. All three elected officials across the city can opt out of the following year if they wish, following a process used by councilors who are also eligible for annual raises.

Under a 2006 city ordinance, councilors automatically receive an annual salary increase linked to the consumer price index, unless they individually decline it. But unlike Lightfoot’s latest proposal, the current councilor increase system offers no cap on the inflation-linked increase, meaning the majority of councilors will be eligible for a 9.6% pay increase next year due to recent increases in the rate of increase. inflation.

In the run-up to municipal elections on February 28, 15 councilors rejected the 2023 pay increase and several councilors introduced pending legislation to limit their salaries.

The Chicago Mayor’s salary is $216,210, a figure that hasn’t changed since 2006. The highest alderman’s salary will grow to about $142,780 next year.

City Secretary Anna Valencia and Treasurer Melissa Conyears-Ervin are already set to see their salaries rise to $161,016 from $133,545 under Lightfoot’s proposed 2023 budget.

Whether Lightfoot’s proposal will be rejected remains to be seen, but politicians tend not to increase their salaries during election years to avoid controversy. Former Orland Park mayor Dan McLaughlin lost his 2017 reelection campaign in the southern suburb after, for example, tripling his salary.

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At a press conference last month, Lightfoot said she had “not raised that issue”.

“I think there’s a conversation going on around the, some of the other citywide elected officials. You know the mayor’s fee hasn’t changed in nearly 20 years,” Lightfoot said. “But I’m not really focused on that. I am focused on making sure we do the work of the people in the city every day.”

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