Local company Fibrus ‘offers fastest download speed in four provinces’

Full-fibre broadband provider Fibrus offers the fastest broadband speeds in most of Northern Ireland, according to new data.

okla’s Speedtest Intelligence report, published Monday, also said that smaller providers, such as Fibrus, are sometimes fastest in cities and counties.

Likewise, the findings have shown that local customers benefit from an improved broadband experience compared to their other UK counterparts.

The Market Insights survey found that fixed broadband internet reached 86% of UK households by the end of 2021, with most customers having access to at least 30 Mbps.

Local company Fibrus, which brings hyper-fast broadband to rural communities in Northern Ireland and the UK, has been praised in the survey for having “the fastest median download speed in four counties” compared to a selection of the leading UK fixed broadband providers.

Fibrus co-founder and Chief Executive Dominic Kearns welcomed the results of the survey.

“This report confirms the speed benefits and reliability our network provides to our customers who choose to sign up for our service,” he said.

“Our position on the list – right next to bigger competitors – is something we are extremely proud of, as we are a relatively young company that was born during the Covid pandemic.

“We are delighted to be able to match nearly all of our direct competitors in Northern Ireland and Great Britain and we will continue to do so because of our commitment to connecting communities and providing world-class broadband in areas previously living in digital darkness .

“Our network provides the fastest speeds in most counties while offering a competitive pricing model that rivals our competitors in Northern Ireland and the UK.”

Mr Kearns said Fibrus will strive to deliver excellent broadband for customers at home and beyond.

“While telephone and TV companies use slow copper networks from the closet to the property, Fibrus provides ‘full fiber’ up to the property,” he said.

“This method is the global benchmark for delivering world-class performance and faster network speeds. Consumers should no longer accept a service that performs poorly.

“People want instant speed and confidence in the delivery of their broadband provider, and that’s what they get with a full fiber service from Fibrus.”

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