List of canceled/renewed TV shows: Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max and more

It’s a PR story as old as time: Break bad news just before a long weekend hoping everyone is too busy racing to the airport or fighting over the last box of Shake ‘N Bake at Harris Teeter to make it up. to notice.

Yes, the phenomenon known as the pre-holiday news dump is upon us.

While bad news in the TV world can take many forms, many of the less flattering headlines have one thing in common: the word cancellation.

With that in mind, and with Thanksgiving just hours away, we’ve explored the small screen’s vast landscape of renewal and identified 10 potentially vulnerable series, all awaiting word on their fate.

Scroll through the list of bubble shows below and guess us in the comments: If you had the power to save one of the 10 series, which one would it be?

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