Life imitates art as developers proclaim the victory of Watership Down | News

Watership down contains one of the most vivid descriptions of terror in a children’s book, in which a rabbit describes bulldozers tearing up their habitat to make way for a residential area.

“In front [of me] there was a big silvery, shiny thing that held it in its huge front paws,” Holly tells his fellow rabbits, who had already fled the Sandleford whirl. “On my life it buried itself in the ground pushing great masses of earth in front of it until the field was destroyed.”

Development of the field at Sandleford, just south of Newbury in Berkshire, is set to become a reality soon after the government rejected local authority objections this week.

The children’s book, which was made into a film in 1978, tells the story of a colony of rabbits whose habitat is being destroyed by developers


Local activists say the decision by the Department for Leveling Up, Housing

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