Liam Gallagher may look back angrily at his refusal of hip-op Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher’s refusal to get the hip replacement he needs seems to have stemmed from foolish vanity (hips don’t lie, Liam Gallagher – there’s no shame in getting them fixed, April 22). My own surgery followed a cycling accident and could have been my favorite pastime, but as Mr Auld of Northampton General Hospital told me, “We want to get you back on your bike.” The accident happened on my 81st birthday. Three years later, I still enjoy long rides without the slightest discomfort. Of course, I never had to worry about what my fans would think, but Liam might consider what fans are worth if they write him off for choosing to be pain-free.
Bob Caldwell
Badby, Northamptonshire

John Crace referred to Liam Gallagher’s refusal to have hip surgery because he might die under anesthesia, as well as his own miserable knee experiences (Digested week, April 22). When I had a new hip here, it was with an epidural, not under general anaesthetic, so I was awake and listened to Michael Nyman as the surgeon made an appropriate minimal cut and wielded his saw and hammer, claiming they were for sale in a local hardware store. Maybe Gallagher could listen to minimalist music or hip-op.
Brian Smith
Berlin, Germany

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