Letters to the editor, June 9, 2022

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Congratulations to Prime Minister Ford and his administration on their reelection. Perhaps in this second term, Ford will rediscover some of the conservative principles/promises that led him to get elected in his first term, such as cutting taxes and cutting spending. With the NDP and Liberals having four years to find and select new leadership, Ford probably won’t be so lucky next time around to have two duds as his main opposition. We’re counting on Ford to get the county’s finances in order for the next election. If not, he is a failure as prime minister.

John F. Reid Toronto

(We have the same expectation and that he will live up to his campaign slogan “Get it done”)


Steven Del Duca and Andrea Horwath get stuck and both resign. Sounds like a Wynne/win to me.

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William SM Cord Toronto

(Ford more years!)


On “PCs Delivered – Liberals, Not NDP” (Editorial, June 4): Thanks for pointing out what so many don’t understand – that we have the right to vote…not to vote! Both mean something. People say if you don’t vote you don’t have the right to complain, which is crazy. What if you don’t care about any of them? The way I see it, as you do, not voting also means something. Oh, and when you pay your taxes, you have the right to complain!

Dr Steve Starkman Toronto

(Such a low turnout is a problem for our democracy)


I live in Paris, Ont. I tried to vote on June 2. I stopped at the fire station polling station. Handed over my vote registration card and showed my ID. I was told I couldn’t vote there. Why? I had to cross town to a location near Brantford as that was my polling station. If I had voted early, I could have voted in my hometown. But because I decided to vote on voting day, I was not allowed to. Could that be a reason for a low turnout?

Phil Anhalt Paris, Ont.

(It’s on your voting card where you can vote on E-Day)


Ad Bill 96: When I’m surrounded by a sea of ​​English and doing inter-provincial and international business in English, I’m going to speak English. N’est-ce pas?

Ian MacKenzie Toronto

(But yeah)

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