Letters to the editor, July 4, 2022

On “Ontario renters look to increase 2.5% or more next year” (Antonella Artuso, June 29): Ontarios face highest inflation in years, gas prices spiraling, food prices are driving shoppers reevaluate their meal purchases and donations to charities are spiraling downward. Yet the need for most of their services is greater than ever (food banks for example), mental health is at an unprecedented crisis point, housing and lack of availability is a major concern for every citizen with an increasing number of homeless and many homeless living in tents in city parks. We are still considered the end of a pandemic, but not quite endemic, that has disrupted entire social and economic systems, forcing many businesses to close and people losing their savings. Alcohol, drug, child and partner abuse have also increased more in the past two years than in the past 20. But even with all these stressors that have caused financial, emotional, spiritual and physical hardship, we have a provincial government headed by a man who constantly says he is “for the people”, yet feels that now is an opportune time to raise rents by 2.5% (the highest since 2013). Where was this ever mentioned in any of his campaign stops and reelection speeches? Tenants in the province of Ontario must be crazy as hell! This rise will likely be the make-or-break situation for many individuals and families who can barely sustain it. The only thing it can fix is ​​that tenants with lower rents are being evicted from their apartments, allowing landlords to raise rents hundreds of dollars more because the unit has been “refurbished” (read a coat of paint and a new sink). This rent increase is planned for 1 Jan.There is still time to curb this outrageous rise. Call, email or write your MPP and Prime Minister and demand action, not lip service.

Mark Stenabaugh


(Delaying or freezing these increases will only make it worse to absorb down the road)


In these disturbing and difficult economic times, one has to wonder who is living the better life? Those who struggle daily with pointless jobs and desperately try to stay one step ahead of the tax collector. Or those who live a life of leisure doing what they want every day and living off those tax dollars that are collected! Life in Canada in 2022 is certainly not profitable and will not benefit the working poor in Trudeau’s tax-friendly Canada! Life must be a million times better for those who don’t contribute to society in socialist Canada!

Charles Owen

good and

(The ever-increasing tax burden that the Trudeau/NDP government continues to impose on Canadians has made life difficult to make ends meet. Don’t expect any relief anytime soon)

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