Lawyer sues her client after winning the case

A client refused to pay the value of attorney’s fees agreed in a commercial lawsuit, despite obtaining a final verdict in his favor. had to pay, the value of the fees agreed in the fee contract between him and the law firm.

In the details, a lawyer filed a lawsuit against her former client, demanding that he pay her 200,000 dirhams, noting that the defendant had entered into a contract with her to represent him in a commercial matter in exchange for a fee of 200,000 dirhams, and she performed her duties until a judgment was rendered in his favour, and then she represented him in the appeals and cassation, and she abided by what had been agreed until it was decided in his favour, but he did not pay the costs involved , and she supported her claim in the form of a compensation contract, copies of judgments and copies of other documents.

The court finds on the merits of the judgment that it appears from the documents that the defendant agreed with the plaintiff to represent him in one of the cases for a fee of 200 thousand dirhams, and that the defendant did not represent, despite his announcement to payment or defense in the case, to the extent or in substance, and he did not dispute what he decided The plaintiff, and therefore the court obliges the defendant to pay the plaintiff the value of the agreed compensation, and the court held that the defendant was obliged to pay the claimant in the amount of 200 thousand dirhams, and obliged him to pay fees and expenses.

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