LA County buys baby food to distribute during scarcity

Los Angeles County has purchased $750,000 worth of baby food that it will soon be distributing on food distribution sites and through outreach programs for new moms, officials said.

The county bought the formula to help feed babies as the nation grapples with a severe infant formula shortage, supervisor Hilda L. Solis said in a press release.

For weeks, parents have been struggling to find formula after supply chain disruptions and a safety recall at the country’s largest formula maker.

The first shipment of approximately 12,000 12-ounce cans is expected by the end of next week. Details about where and when the formula will be distributed are not yet final, says Solis’ spokeswoman Kimberly Ortega.

Some of the offerings will be distributed through the Department of Public Health’s Nurse-Family Partnership Program, which offers home visits to new mothers, many of whom are or have been in foster care.

The formula will also be distributed at events organized by the province. Details will be made public soon, Ortega said.

In addition, the county’s Department of Children and Family Services will purchase $500,000 worth of infant formula that will be distributed to families served by the agency.

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