Kyle Hanagami, Leroy Sanchez and Chanel share Eurovision 2022 documentary on YouTube

It’s hard to remember now, but a few months ago the world did not know who Chanel Terrero used to be. That all changed when the world famous choreographer Kyle Hanagami and songwriter Leroy Sanchez got into her job.

In 2021 Leroy shared his song “Slow Played” with Kyle and they felt like they were on to something good.

“We wanted to do the song for a diva,” Leroy says in their emotional new YouTube documentary, uploaded to Kyle’s channel. “I showed the song to Kyle and he loved it.”

Of course, the couple had “SloMo”. But they needed an artist who could do it both musically and physically, because this is a song that has to Action† Of Benidorm Fest in their minds they turned to RTVE for candidates.

Unfortunately, none of those artists had that X-factor: they passed on all the options they were given by the Spanish broadcaster. Then, at the end of the road, Chanel stepped into the frame.

“She has blown us away, she is so talented,” Kyle says of Chanel, who had not yet released a single or entered music competitions.

“I would like to [Spain] sent a lot of the same and it wasn’t well received,” recalls Kyle. “So I really wanted to come in this year and try something different.”

With Chanel, he finally had his muse.

Kyle Hanagami, Leroy Sanchez and Chanel share Eurovision 2022 documentary on YouTube

Chanel admits she wasn’t quite prepared for all the attention that was thrown at her after her explosive first appearance in the Benidorm Fest semifinals.

“It was so funny because nobody knows us, and after the performance everyone talked about us,” she says. “Like what the hell? Who are they?”

They were Eurovision fans and YouTube reactors, many of whom were not used to waving such praise to potential Spanish acts.

None of it went to her head. She honestly didn’t expect to win even after the hype started to build online.

“I just performed and I said to one of my dancers, ‘We’re not going to win’ – because the competition is so tough.”

Kyle – who has worked with everyone from The Black Eyed Peas to Justin Bieber to Jennifer Lopez –wasn’t sure either. He described Benidorm Fest as an uphill battle as they competed against big name artists and millions of followers such as Rigoberta Bandini and Rayden.

But of course Chanel won. “The moment when Chanel won was the most surreal,” says Leroy. “I’ve never been so stressed in my life.”

However, this fairy tale had not yet reached its happy ending. None of us can forget the Eurodrama avalanche that threatened to overshadow Chanel’s incredible performance.

“After I won, everything changed completely,” Chanel recalls. “Most people who supported other singers hated me on social media. Like heavy.”

Some called her an impostor and others said the jury had been ripped off in her favor, which RTVE strongly and rightly denied. Still others called her a prostitute and accused her of not singing.

“This was so, so hard on my mental health,” she says. “I was crying in my hotel room because I didn’t expect to win. I didn’t expect hate. It became too much for me.”

“The drama was so great that even politicians started using it to their advantage,” Leroy recalls, explaining that they wanted Chanel to remove the word “daddy,” which they had twisted to mean “sugar daddy.”

Leroy says, “There’s no sugar daddy in the song at any point.”

Chanel, Kyle and Leroy persevered and immediately set to work renewing the choreography for Turin.

“I don’t know how she sings and does this,” Kyle says as she observes her during rehearsal and even on the treadmill in her high heels.

“One of the most important things to Chanel’s singing is breath control,” he notes. “As you’ve seen, she dances with her ass the entire show.”

The documentary offers an insight into the practicalities of singing in Eurovision Song Contest – such as recording her planned show for Eurovision producers, who then recreate it with stand-in performers. You can see the stand-in briefly and immediately recognize the leg lift movement.

Chanel travels to Los Angeles – her first trip to the United States – to work with Kyle in the studios of his iconic Millennium Dance Company.

She is visibly moved when she sees a hall full of professional dancers performing the choreo “SloMo”.

Chanel — SloMo choreography by Kyle Hanagami

The vlog-style documentary continues in Turin, showing us the team’s reaction to their first rehearsal. They also discuss who they see as their biggest competition – Sweden, Italy, the UK and Ukraine – who describe themselves as the “dark horse again, just like in Benidorm Fest.”

Chanel’s performance isn’t just about Chanel, of course. It drains strength Exon Arcos, Raquel Caurin, Josh Huerta, Maria Perez and Pol Sotothe beautiful dancers who support her, creating a visual feast full of surprises.

We see Kyle giving them all some extra money.

“I just bought tickets for the dancers,” he says, stuffing envelopes. “Dance rates in America are worthless. But here in Spain it is even worse. I’m going to surprise the dancers with a little extra – because they put so much into this performance and are drastically underpaid… I hope the extra money will lighten the load.”

The night before the finale, Chanel, Kyle and Leroy look back on everything they’ve accomplished so far.

“I think the best part of this whole experience has been seeing Spanish fans in the crowd waving their flags and being so proud of their entry for the first time in years – they really feel like they have a chance to win. win,” Kyle says. †

“Whether we win or not is not important at the moment. “It’s just crazy to see that we’ve made something that has had such a huge response around the world.”

For Kyle, another win comes by seeing his own journey mirrored in Chanel’s. Kyle, who got his breakthrough via YouTube, has been with Chanel for her first big performance, her first music video and her first song.

“I just wanted someone to see the potential I have,” he recalls the time before hitting it big. “And now I see a world of potential in Chanel.”

Judging by her result in the Eurovision Song Contest, he is not the only one.

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