“Knowledge” launches the second phase of the “School Fee Card”

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai has launched the second phase of the school fees card for the next academic year (2022-2023), detailing the items on which tuition fees will be distributed in private schools in Dubai.

The second phase of the school fees card gives parents of more than 220,000 male and female students who are educated in 180 private schools in Dubai access to detailed information about the items on which tuition fees are collected in all private schools in the emirate, as the card covers all mandatory includes school fees. Pre-approved by the authority, in addition to fees associated with optional services such as transportation costs, extracurricular activities, school trips, and book fees.

The authority explained that the school fees card is included in the terms of the school and guardian contract for all students of private schools in Dubai for the new academic year as the contract is the legal document that defines the rights and responsibilities of both parties in various financial , administrative and educational aspects of the school.

The Director General of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai, Dr. Abdullah Al Karam, said the school fees card became available to all parents of students in private schools in Dubai before the start of the school year. The card easily and clearly gives parents all the updated information and data they need about their children’s school fees.

He added: “The school fees card consolidates the principle of transparency in the school education system in Dubai, as we appreciate the ideal collaboration of private schools in Dubai and their support to make the school fees card available to parents and the school community, with its value, especially as it involves parents making decisions regarding their children’s educational journey.

The School Fees Card provides a comprehensive and reliable resource for parents on the terms of all tuition fees in their children’s schools, in addition to items that include optional fees as well as discounts and scholarships offered by the school and previously approved by the authority. The card is reviewed and the data is verified by the team. The specialist in the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, available to parents as a one page document with the QR code through the website of any private school in Dubai, in addition to providing to parents for the purpose of searching for schools on the website of the authority by visiting the link: web.khda.gov.ae/ar/Education-Directory/Schools

It is noteworthy that the first phase of the school fees card was launched in 35 private schools in Dubai, from which the new academic year (2022-2023) started in early April, and benefited the parents of more than 81,000 students.

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