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Knowledge and technology armament

Knowledge and Technology Armaments - Al Ittihad Newspaper
Knowledge and Technology Armaments - Al Ittihad Newspaper

Today, the police and security sector faces global challenges caused by rapid changes resulting from technological, cultural and demographic transformations, and the development of modern policing strategies has become an urgent requirement, coupled with the adoption of advanced technological tools being able to provide the human element with the information and data needed to cope with and reduce crime, and increase individuals’ feelings of safety and security.

And in implementation of the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, may God protect him, aimed at achieving advancement in science and qualifying leading national cadres, and His Highness’s emphasis on the importance of building the Emirati human in all aspects of life, to be able to bear the secretariat of maintaining the rise of the union and the responsibility for it, and in accordance with the words of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him, when he said: “Our investment in youth is the spirit of our renaissance, the foundation for our future and the engine to keep pace with the developments around us.” preparing them for work in the security sector – according to the emerging changes – is inevitable, especially in light of the new forms of crime, the techniques used in their execution and the lure of the victims.

In light of this, the General Command of the Dubai Police Department has adopted the comprehensive strategic modernization project in support of the state plan for the next fifty years, which is led by a specialized committee composed of young citizens, whose responsibility is to develop the future strategy. develop. The project keeps pace with the changes and challenges the world is witnessing, such as urban sprawl, the fourth industrial revolution, the application of artificial intelligence systems, regional and economic changes, digital transactions and transformations after the coronavirus.

Four years ago, Dubai Police Academy introduced the specialization in security and criminal sciences, and celebrated the graduation of the first batch at the beginning of the new year, in addition to sending Dubai Police officers inside and outside the country to globally prestigious universities to join qualitative specializations in artificial intelligence, digital currency and drone operation, DNA phenotypes, memory imprinting, genetic recognition in genomics, cybercrime, resilience and other police studies.

Today, it has become necessary to engage in a knowledge and technological arms race to confront criminals, either in terms of knowledge or possession of resources, in the light of the exploitation by criminals of technological resources in the execution of their Organized, emerging and cross-border crime, including the dark “web” markets they resort to for drug and human trafficking, and crimes Money laundering, confrontation no longer requires the availability of technology, but the possession of the necessary skills and knowledge to use it in the fight against crime, and challenge the police and security elements to search for new concepts to detect criminal and financial activities.

Based on the foregoing, the qualification, preparation and training of the next generation of police and security officers is a major challenge and an unavoidable trend, as possessing the knowledge, skill and ability to use technology alone is not enough, it must be worked in conjunction with the enjoyment of human intuition by police and security officials. , while efficiently and vigorously combining the two will enhance the ability of security and law enforcement agencies to meet new security challenges, fight new methods in the world of crime, and achieve the highest levels of security locally and globally.

His Excellency Lieutenant General/Abdullah Al-Marri*

* Commander in Chief of the Dubai Police Force.

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