Kit Harington Created ‘Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow Sequel Idea

The world was in for a surprise on June 16 with the news that HBO is in early development for a sequel to “Game of Thrones” centered on Jon Snow (Kit Harington), but that was hardly news to Emilia Clarke. The actor revealed to the BBC that her longtime co-star Harington confided in her that he was in talks to continue playing Jon Snow in a spin-off series. Both Harington and Clarke starred in all eight seasons of the original HBO fantasy series.

“He told me about it. And I know it exists. It’s happening,” Clarke said. “As far as I can understand, it was made by Kit, so he’s in it from scratch. So what you’re going to watch, hopefully, when it happens, is certified by Kit Harington.

“Game of Thrones” author George RR Martin confirmed the Jon Snow series in a June 23 blog post, writing that the show is being developed under the working title “Snow.” Martin will be involved with the series in the same capacity as all of the “Thrones” spin-offs. The author said Harington met him at his home in Santa Fe and worked with him and his team to flesh out the show’s story.

“Yeah, it was Kit Harrington who gave us the idea,” Martin said. “I can’t tell you the names of the writers/showrunners as that hasn’t been approved for release yet, but Kit also brought them in, his own team, and they’re amazing.”

“Game of Thrones” ended with Jon Snow’s exile from Westeros as he drives his direwolf Ghost and the Wildlings into the Haunted Forest to start a new life. The series would presumably continue with Snow’s adventures with the Wildlings. Since the potential Jon Snow sequel was set to take place after the final season of “Thrones,” it’s possible that well-known characters — such as his half-siblings Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) and Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) — could show their faces. . Clarke’s Daenerys has been more of a stretch since her character died, although it’s not like Clarke is interested in reprising the character.

“No, I think I’m done,” Clarke said when asked about her interest in playing Daenerys again.

Harington was nominated for two Emmys, in a Supporting Actor and a Leading Actor in a Drama Series, during his time on ‘Game of Thrones’. Before the Jon Snow series takes off, the world of “Game of Thrones” returns to HBO with the prequel series “House of the Dragon”. The show is set 200 years before the original series and will premiere on August 21.

“It will be bizarre as hell,” Clarke told the BBC. “I’m going to watch this with a fresh look, because it’s [set] a billion years before our show, so it will feel different.”

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