KGF Chapter 2 Box Office: Yash & Prashanth Neel Movie Sets 29 New Records in Four-Day Opening Weekend

KGF: Chapter 2 is on a record-breaking spree at the box office, setting new records every day since its release. The Prashanth Neel-directed gangster drama, directed by Yash starring Sanjay Dutt, Srinidhi Shetty, Sanjay Dutt and Raveena Tandon, has clocked a worldwide opening weekend in the range of Rs 540 crore (estimates), and is quickly embarking on its journey to enter the Rs. go 1000 crore club. Of this Rs 540 crore gross, Rs 442.50 crore is from India, with overseas contribution of about Rs 100 crore in four days.

The key stakeholders – Yash, Prashanth Neel and Hombale Films – dreamed big to make a worldwide film and made history with their vision. They justified their movie dialogue – Powerful people make places powerful, as the history of Sandalwood will be split into two eras – Pre KGF and Post KGF. Rocky is a monster and with KGF 2, Yash has taken the form of a box office Monster and has become a phenomenon. The trio with KGF 2 has put the Kannada film industry on the world map. During its four-day opening weekend, KGF: Chapter 2 set at least 28 prominent records across India. And the records are not just limited to a particular version. From Hindi to Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam – the film has set new records in the versions, making it a pan-India project in a true sense.

Only the Tamil version missed record making, but that’s because some of the tall streamlined screens have been taken away by Vijay’s Beast. Had it not been for Beast, the film would have also set new records for a non-Kollywood film set in Tamil Nadu. The costs of KGF: Chapter 2 are limited (more on this soon) and this makes it a cash-rich cow in terms of ROI for the stakeholders. Just into its four-day run, it’s a blockbuster, fast on its way to achieving the all-time blockbuster brand. Below are the 29 most significant records the film set during its opening weekend.

  1. Record opener in Hindi tapes
  2. Record weekend in Hindi tires
  3. Biggest Single Day Collection in Hindi Belts
  4. Largest Second Day Collection in Hindi Belts
  5. Biggest Sunday in Hindi Belts
  6. Largest four day collection in Hindi belts
  7. Record opener in Karnataka
  8. Record Opening Weekend in Karnataka
  9. Biggest second day in Karnataka
  10. Biggest third day in Karnataka
  11. Biggest fourth day in Karnataka
  12. Biggest Sunday in Karnataka
  13. Biggest single day in Karnataka
  14. Record opener in Kerala
  15. Record Opening Weekend in Kerala
  16. Biggest second day in Kerala
  17. Biggest third day in Kerala
  18. Biggest fourth day in Kerala
  19. Biggest single day in Kerala
  20. Biggest Sunday in Kerala
  21. Record opener for a non-Tollywood movie in AP/TS
  22. Biggest weekend for a non-Tollywood movie in AP/TS
  23. Biggest runner-up for a non-Tollywood movie in AP/TS
  24. Biggest third day for a non-Tollywood movie in AP/TS
  25. Biggest fourth day for a non-Tollywood movie in AP/TS
  26. Biggest single day for a non-Tollywood movie in AP/TS
  27. Biggest Sunday for a non-Tollywood movie in AP/TS
  28. Record IMAX weekend in India
  29. Highest grossing Kannada movie of all time

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