Kevin Feige Spent Weeks ‘Battling’ With She-Hulk Producer Over The Trailer

She-Hulk: Lawyer is near the horizon when Tatiana Maslany joins the MCU as Jennifer Walters. The series had a less easy road to hit Disney+ with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as well as complaints from some of the fans about the project’s CGI. The crew behind the show, along with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, have assured the public that the series is coming together and indeed looking spick and span by the time of its debut.

As evidenced by the series’ Comic-Con Hall H trailer, She-Hulk has plenty of surprises, including some Malcolm in the Middlestyle fourth wall breaks, and a performance of Charlie Cox’s Daredevil. But as with any MCU trailer, there’s certainly a lot more hidden in each one She-Hulk’s nine episodes.

What should and should not be included in every piece of marketing, however, is a delicate dance between film and TV studios. And apparently, in She-HulkIn the case of this case, things got a little heated (in a nice way).

Hulking Out on Kevin Feige


During the She-Hulk Official press conference, series head writer and executive producer Jessica Gao, along with star Tatiana Maslany and director Kat Coiro, revealed that the recent San Diego Comic-Con trailer for the series caused some tension between the crew and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige.

When asked what their memories were of the Hall H Marvel Studios panel, Gao said she just remembers “to sneak” with Kevin Feige all the time backstage, like the couple just had “We fought for weeks about what should be in the trailer:”

“While we were watching the trailer” [at SDCC]because Kevin [Feige] standing next to me, we’d been fighting for weeks about what to put in the trailer and what not. And so it was just the two of us sniping at each other about our respective positions and the pieces that were in the trailer.

Maslany said she was “just so excited that [they] must” be part of such an event and shouted the crowd “very warm” and “so hospitable:​​​​”

“I mean, I think I blacked out (laughs)… Yeah, and I was shaking before we went out. But I remember being like this… first of all, I remember the feeling we all had, that was just buzzing, giggling, excited. You know, I’m so excited we get to do this. But then also like this very warm crowd, who really… know everything about this universe… a lot more than some of us do… But they were so welcoming and… also like, ‘Let’s see what this is.’ You know what I mean? And there was a nice exchange to be able to present the trailer to them. We were all really laying on the floor and watching them on the big screen, and that was really fun.”

One of the trailer’s biggest moments was the reveal that Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil) and his new yellow and red suit would be part of the series Coiro called to. “a huge relief” so that you don’t have to keep a secret anymore:

“It was nice not to keep Daredevil a secret either. That was a huge relief.”

The group also discussed the breaks in the fourth wall seen in the show and how they will be uniquely processed. Coiro pointed out that the character has long appealed to the public for some of the other big names who use the joke, such as: “Deadpool or Fleabag:”

“Well, I like to say she did it long before Deadpool or Fleabag…”

Gao broke down the process of introducing these turn-to-the-camera moments, saying that there are “many evolutionary steps” to see what they eventually look like in the series. The writer even mentioned the idea of ​​being on the screen “editor’s notes” at one point, with Jennifer Walters actually? “really interacting with” [them]” as they appeared:

“If you knew anything about She-Hulk as a character, you’d know” [about her fourth wall breaks]… We actually talked – it went through a lot of evolutionary steps. A long sentence of, ‘How much does she talk to the camera? Does she speak directly to the audience? Is there another meta element? Is she talking to someone else who is more behind the scenes?’ You know? At one point, there was a rerun in the script where instead of really talking directly to the camera, there were text boxes with editor notes that resembled the comic books, the way there were editor comments in comics. And she was actually working on the editor’s notes that would appear on the screen. We ended up scrapping that idea, but I mean, we went through a lot of different versions of how she could do it.

The Battle for She-Hulk

While Gao, Maslany and Coiro can now joke about it, it’s clear that there were some tense moments leading up to that Comic-Con trailer that got the green light. This is probably the case with almost every piece of Marvel marketing right now, but it’s one that is rarely made public.

What would be interesting to know is: who was on which side of the discussion? It can be assumed that a major point of contention was the Daredevil reveal that ended up in the trailer. But who insisted on what? Was Kevin Feige the one who said Charlie Cox’ Man Without Fear should be there? Or was it the other way around?

As it sounds, Gao was the one who didn’t want that reveal to be recorded leading up to its release. Instead, it seems she wanted to let fans know he was there whenever he shows up wherever he goes in the run-up to the series. But that’s a total assumption, and She-Hulk could be hiding even more secrets, which weren’t brought up prior to that first episode’s premiere.

She-Hulk: Lawyer is slated to begin nine episodes on Disney+ on August 18.

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