Kevin Bacon honors ‘Tremors’ co-star – The Hollywood Reporter

Kevin Bacon honored his Friday afternoon vibrations co-star, Fred Ward. Earlier in the day, it was revealed that Ward had passed away on Sunday. He was 79.

“So sad to hear about Fred Ward. When it came to fighting underground worms, I couldn’t have asked for a better partner. I will always remember talking about his love for Django Reinhardt and jazz guitar during our long, hot days in the high desert. Rest in peace, Fred,” Bacon said on Twitter.

Bacon and Ward starred together in the 1990 cult classic. The Universal Pictures suspense film was a blockbuster, but gained a huge fan base over the years for its silliness, action, and humor. vibrations Centered on the small desert town of Perfection, Nevada, which is suddenly plagued by deadly, huge worm-like monsters killing the townspeople.

The randomness, pretty good creature effects, and colorful characters made the film enduring and popular with the VHS audience. Delivering an epic F-bomb in the film that nearly cemented the PG-13 rating, Bacon also keeps the film close to its heart. Last May, Bacon said in an interview that: vibrations was the only film he’d made in his career that ever interested him in a sequel. Bacon noted that he was approached to star in the direct-to-video sequels, but that he was not interested without a theatrical release.

“We were around the 25th anniversary. I went to Blumhouse and they were totally into the idea,” Bacon said at the time. “Universal didn’t want to recreate it as a function, and maybe because it didn’t work as a function the first time. So we pushed it aside. Then they came back to me and said, ‘How would you like to do it as a series?’”

The series was shopped, but died on the vine, Bacon said.

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