Kenyan voice chief declares William Ruto elected president

NAIROBI: Kenya’s Electoral Commission chairman has declared Vice President William Ruto the winner of the close presidential election over five-time contender Raila Odinga, a triumph for the man who rocked politics by appealing to struggling Kenyans on economic terms and not on traditional ethnic .
But just before the statement, chaos ensued when the vice-chairman of the electoral commission and three other commissioners told journalists they could not support the “opaque nature” of the final phase. “We cannot take responsibility for the result that is announced,” Vice-President Juliana Cherera said. At the scene of the report, the police advanced to remain calm amid screams.
The sudden split in the committee came minutes after Odinga’s chief agent said they could not verify the results and made allegations of “election crimes” without providing details or evidence. Odinga did not come to the location for the report.
Now Kenyans await whether Odinga will go back to court to challenge the results of Tuesday’s peaceful election in a country crucial to regional stability. This is likely to be the last attempt for the 77-year-old longtime opposition figure, this time backed by former rival and outgoing President Uhuru Kenyatta, who got into an argument with his deputy, Ruto years ago.

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