Kate Middleton’s son Prince Louis had a very public tantrum

Can we all just take a moment and give Kate Middleton a parental round of applause? Raising multiple children is already a tough feat, but doing it in public is a whole new challenge. We can’t just lock our kids up in our homes and expect them to come out if they know how to behave in public. Children should be brought into spaces that require certain behaviors so that they can learn societal norms. That makes for pretty spicy armpits for nervous parents.

We may want our children to act like mini-adults in formal or boring situations, but that’s not realistic. We must be prepared for the meltdowns that will inevitably happen. The Duchess of Cambridge was recently reminded of this during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Her youngest, Prince Louis, behaved like a typical toddler, but on a world stage. Toddlers are not made to sit still for long periods of time. They have to move and make noise. I swear, it’s science. That doesn’t stop parents from trying to teach them to sit still and not make noise at fancy events.

Prince Louis behaved just like any preschooler would during a long event that wasn’t designed with little ones in mind. He threw a tantrum and tried to punch his mother in the face, and Middleton handled it like a pro. There was no screaming on her part, just a mother trying to keep her cool. She calmly led him through several times, removing his hand firmly but gently away from her face.

By now Middleton has mastered this parenting thing as Prince Louis is her third child, but parenting child number three can be like trying to hear from cats in a swimming pool. You know you’ve done it before, but for some reason the latter makes you doubt your sanity.

I can imagine the frustration she felt at the time, but it was a quick reminder that Duchess or not, she’s still just a mother. Being a mother on the world stage is an experience I personally would never want. Its every move is tracked and distributed around the world for people to judge, sitting on their couches while their own kids are probably running amok. So let’s give Middleton some slack. In the end, she’s just a mother doing her best and Prince Louis is just a kid doing what kids do.

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