Kate Middleton cried about Prince Louis’ behavior at Platinum Jubilee | photos

Prince Louis stole the show again with more wild balcony antics — and Kate Middleton’s parenting is being questioned.

Prince Louis has once again proven to be the main attraction at an anniversary event, making faces and even gagging his mother, Kate Middleton, while the royals watched the entertainment during the final day of the festivities.

At the Platinum Jubilee Pageant outside Buckingham Palace, the four-year-old clenched his fists, jumped up and down in his chair, and made a wide variety of exaggerated expressions as he sat in the royal box with his family.

Social media boomed with reactions to the comedic display, but not everyone was impressed.

“At what point do we go from ‘Wow, what a recognizable toddler moment’ to ‘Wow, you can’t control your kids?’ Because that video is (cringe emoji),” one user wrote.

“I just think an expert at a young age would better understand which events your 4-year-old can handle and which not. And maybe an idea how to control them a bit in public. There’s a whole gulf between robotic and plain badly behaved.

“And just to be clear, I’m criticizing the parents here. I don’t joke about a child or bully a child or whatever nonsense someone is going to say.”

“What’s cute now isn’t cute as a teenager,” added another. “Parents have a short time to create the parent-child bond. This means that parents need to set boundaries and stick to them.”

“If that’s the lack of discipline and boundaries they’ve been raised with, then I think you get as adults as William,” wrote another. “Harry really is a miracle.”

But others found the criticism inappropriate.

“This is exactly why Meghan and Harry don’t want to make their children available for public consumption. Can you imagine the reaction if Archie did this??? Children shouldn’t have to go through this,” someone replied.

Most royal onlookers, however, seemed elated at the stealing of Prince Louis scenes.

It comes after Prince Louis also stole the show at Thursday’s Trooping the Color parade and flyover.

The young prince beamed and chatted with his great-grandmother the Queen as they watched the show from the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

Kate was seen whispering in little Louis’s ear – before waving frantically upwards to the passing planes.

Prince Louis and his older sister Charlotte then continued their playful waves as the rest of the royal family grinned at the adorable kids.

The Queen pointed into the distance, before talking eagerly to Louis again—perhaps to turn his attention to the last RAF fly-past.

But giggling, Louis started jumping up and down on the spot, despite the fact that he seemed to have calming words whispered to him by his mother.

The young prince then turned to his great-grandmother and asked her an animated question — all the while smiling back at the four-year-old.

Louis and Princess Charlotte then grabbed and covered their ears as the booming sounds passed overhead.

And as the Red Arrows aerial team passed, Louis’s jaws seemed to fall open as the Prince again turned incredulously to the Queen at the astonishing spectacle – before waving at the zooming planes.

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