Kamen Rider Black Sun Gets An Ominous First Teaser

Promotional footage of Kamen Riders Black Sun and Shadow Moon for the Kamen Rider Black Sun movie.

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Since 1971, Shotaro Ishinmori’s came riders franchise is one of the most popular icons of both Japanese culture and the entire tokusatsu genre. Of the many shows that bear the franchise’s name, it’s 1987’s Kamen Rider Black that islink things together. With the franchise now 50 years old, and other driver stuff in the works to celebrate the occasion, it’s the perfect time to re-watch that important series in the form of a reboot

announced last year, black sun is intended to follow in the 2016 web series series, Kamen Rider Amazons. That series was geared more towards older fans rather than the family-friendly atmosphere that previous series had, with more violence, and such. The first teaser released for black sun gives an idea of ​​what a more mature driver series in 2022 will look like as it focuses on the title of the show Black Sun Rider, Kohtaro Minami (Hidetoshi Nishijima). with whomalks through the streets of Japan, like protests rage behind him, it seems like he’s just going through the motions of life instead of being an active person in the world† Very briefly we also get to see his Rider suit, and Nobuhiko Akizuki (Tomoya Nakamura), the man who will become the Black Moon Rider.

The original Kamen Rider Black was a big deal when it first came out in 1987. Not only was it the first show not tied to those who came before it, it was also the first show to have a direct sequel in the form of 1988’s Black: RX. Both shows marked the end of Kamen Rider’s Showa Era, and the series would live on into the 1990s through movies, plays, and music CDs. It wasn’t until the beginning of the Heisei era that returned the franchise to television of Kamen Rider with the moon in January 2000.

To search Kamen Rider Black Sun to reach Amazon Prime Video as a limited series this fall. peep the first poster completely down belowshowing our two Riders and a glimpse of their insect-themed costumes.

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