K-pop fans are disappointed that top third-generation idol groups like BTS, BLACKPINK, TWICE and more won’t perform at year-end awards shows

The year-end awards ceremonies are the most anticipated events of the year as K-pop fans get to see all of their favorite artists come together and perform at these special events.

However, with the change in the idol generation, it is often the newer generation of idol groups that make an appearance. This is the case for this year’s awards shows as 4th generation idol groups are the most performing for the 2022 awards shows.

That’s why one K-pop fan expressed disappointment as many of the top third generation idol groups are not performing this year. The netizen commented: “This year’s awards, TWICE, BLACKPINK, Red Velvet, BTS, NCT, Seventeen; It’s so hard to see them… are there any confirmed teams? I really like the 3rd gen. It’s not about their chart success…”

Other netizens joined the discussion and commented: “Seventeen will appear on AAA,” “I think The Fact Awards was the last show for BTS,” “NCT hasn’t confirmed one yet,” “There are no confirmed teams and it’s so hard to see them,” “No of the groups mentioned have also been confirmed for MAMA,” “I don’t think NCT will appear”, “I wonder if Nayeon will perform on MAMA”, “I don’t think TWICE has been on an award show for a long time either , “BLACKPINK Is On A World Tour Right Now”, “They Are All So Busy”, and “It’s been so long since BLACKPINK has been at awards shows.”

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