Jurassic World 3 star talks about the importance of bisexual character

Jurassic World: Dominion is almost here, with a host of classic characters from the original trilogy, the previous two films, and some new faces in the mix for good measure.

she must have it and Shots fired star DeWanda Wise joins the cast as pilot Kayla Watts, who helps main characters Owen and Claire in their latest and greatest mission.

Speak with ComicBook.comWise confirmed that her character is bisexual, and spoke about the importance of playing a queer role.

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She told the publication: “It’s important, and it’s important to me, that we continue to expand the conversation beyond just looking for the kiss. If you’re queer, you’re queer… I said what I said.

“Always. You don’t turn it off. It doesn’t matter if your partner is in the cockpit with you. It’s just a statement of being. So that was one of the things that was just in her DNA, in her dino DNA, making sure she is who she is. Kayla is bi, and that’s just, it is what it is.”

It will be interesting to see if and how Kayla’s sexuality is presented in the film itself. Luckily, we’re only a few weeks away from discovering it.

Jurassic World Dominion Chris Pratt and Dewanda pointing weapons waving looking at something off screen


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Dominion feels like the great conclusion of the Jurassic franchise to the big screen, but that’s not necessarily the case.

“I think lordshipWe’re going to wrap up this trilogy, but we’re not going to rest on our laurels. We’re going to sit down and we’re going to see what’s next,” producer Frank Marshall said recently.

“Obviously we want to make good, high-quality movies with great stories, great writers and directors, but we definitely want to do more in the Jura- world.”

Jurassic World: Dominion has a release date of June 10, 2022.

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