July 4: Americans feel less patriotic, but Joey Jones urges focus on ‘great history and trajectory’

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For July 4, Fox News’ Joey Jones is reminding Americans to look beyond “edge issues” and celebrate a common heritage. During “Fox & Friends Weekend” Saturday, Jones argued that the solution to the decline in patriotic sentiment is for Americans to stand together and “brag about this country’s amazing history and trajectory.”


JOEY JONES: Listen, be as sensible as possible. You have a left-wing group, progressives, and their idea of ​​nationalism, their idea of ​​Americanism is rooted in grievances. And you have a group of right-wing conservatives, and their ideas are rooted in responsibility. And neither group is fulfilled now. If you’re progressive, you look at the prosperity of this country, and you say, ‘Yeah, it’s just because we’re being oppressed. That is millennia of oppression or centuries of oppression that is the result of prosperity.” If you’re on the right side, say, “Man, you’re attacking everything that makes us prosperous.” Those two groups are incredibly unhappy right now. The problem is, this country has so much more than those two.

If you’re conservative and you see me – corporate media and companies that take in wakeism, the CRT and all that, you think it’s going to be mainstream. Like that’s what most Americans think, because that’s why we see it every day. That gets discouraging. If you are on the left and you see this three great Supreme Court statements, attacking what you think this country should be. So I’m smart about that now. So both sides are downcast, hardened about these fringe issues that don’t define us at all.

But do you know what the solution is? People like us who tell the right story come to West Point, a living, breathing museum of remembrance of what it takes to fight for those freedoms and get them. People like us sitting here and brag about the amazing history and the trajectory of this country. There is nowhere else in the world where we can have this conversation and say what we want about our leadership. Nowhere else in the world can we go out in November and change it as much as we can.


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