Judge begins reviewing latest disputed batch of Eastman emails

That ruling helped provide the select committee with Eastman’s emails sent and received between January 4 and 7, 2021. But the committee has continued to fight for tens of thousands of pages Eastman exchanged between Election Day 2020 and President Joe Biden’s inauguration. That battle amounted to exactly 601 documents that the committee says likely show further inappropriate activity by Eastman and Trump.

Carter also requires Eastman to make voluminous records of his attorney-client relationships regarding the emails he wants to protect.

“Evidence may include engagement letters, commission agreements, or other writings,” Carter wrote. “The evidence will confirm the timing and scope of each attorney and agent relationship, including specifically named lawsuits, if any. In the absence of written documentation, the court will accept an affidavit from an attorney, client, or agent in any relationship confirming that no written documentation exists and specifying the timing and scope of the relationship.

Carter has already forced Eastman to reveal details about his attorney-client relationship with Trump. In February, Eastman produced a letter on December 6, 2020 that he believes marked the beginning of his formal representation of Trump. But the document itself was not signed and the select committee had doubts about whether and when it would be executed.

Carter is demanding new details next week, when he also wants Eastman to submit a 40-page letter advocating the need to keep his data confidential. The select committee must respond no later than May 26, with a rebuttal from Eastman on May 31.

That timeline could give Carter enough time to decide whether to turn over Eastman’s emails to the select committee in time for the panel’s two-week public hearings, which are scheduled to begin on June 9.

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