Judea Driscoll is remembered as a rising star in the Memphis comedy scene

Judea Driscoll used to lie about her age and sneak in to perform at open mic nights at P&H Cafe in Madison. It was just who she was, said Richard Douglas Jones, a fellow comedian in Memphis.

She would fight the system until she was finally called upon.

Each time she came on stage, she would start with “I’m Judea Driscoll, I’m the Hebrew God, and you should be afraid of me,” her good friend, Jeanelle “TBJ” Jones, said with a laugh.

And Driscoll got on the podium a lot. She loved comedy and spent her time studying it and other stand-up comedians.

Eventually people found out she was underage and she was partially expelled from P&H. She would hang out on the back porch all night, popping into the bar to do her set before returning to the porch.

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