Josh Duggar mocked, thrown out by inmates in supposedly leaked audio

Let’s go ahead and say the following:

We have VERY strong doubts about the truth of the story below; we have serious reservations about whether the recording referenced in this story exists.

But we are a website called The Hollywood gossipand many people on the internet are talking about this now.

We are not The Hollywood Fact

Late last week, Radar Online claimed to have obtained a six-minute audiotape from the Federal Correctional Institute Seagoville outside of Dallas, Texas.

This, of course, is the facility that Duggar will be good for for the next decade.

The leaked recording reportedly shows several inmates talking about Duggar the day he was transported to this prison.

“They wanted us to come in and make sure it’s all clean and tidy before he got here,” someone on the tape is heard to say.

“We didn’t know what f–k it was.”

Josh Duggar mocked, thrown out by inmates in supposedly leaked audio

If this tape is legitimate, it would be a major security breach.

But there are plenty of reasons to believe it’s fake.

For starters, the audio is VERY clear; you would think that voices would be muffled and/or that the sound of a surveillance video would be far from high quality.

Second… would inmates really say things like this about Josh Duggar?!?

Josh Duggar is the worst

The father of seven is known in certain celebrity gossip circles, but somehow we doubt most of the inmates are familiar with his backstory.

“When the sh-t hit the fan, and the show was cancelled. All that crazy shit because of him,” said another prison supposedly, seemingly well-versed in the history of 19 Kids and Counting.

This person added:

“I said, ‘It would be crazy to be in unity with someone like that.”

Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar

Continuing this alleged exchange between inmates, again citing programs that aired on TLC:

“You’d think if that was a reality show they wouldn’t have canceled it…that’s the reality,” says one person.

“It’s all scripted,” replies another.

Seagoville is described on the Bureau of Prisons website as “a low-security federal correctional facility with an adjacent minimum-security satellite camp and detention center.”

Josh Duggar Close Up

A convicted sex offender, Duggar reportedly fears for his safety… and probably for good reason.

But about 40% of the inmates in this facility were convicted of similar crimes.

For example, a prisoner is named Fernando Rivas.

He is a two-time Emmy-winning composer who worked on Sesame Street and is serving a 15-year sentence (without parole) for producing, transporting and possessing child pornography and forcing a child to “behave sexually explicit.”

Josh Duggar is a bad father

“I’m going to get his autograph,” you hear another inmate say about the disgraced TLC star on this shot.

“I know he will be here for a long time.”

Duggar was indeed sentenced to 151 months in prison in May.

Even with good behavior, he must serve at least 10.5 years.

Josh Duggar is the worst

When Seagoville was approached by In Touch Weekly for comment, it said it was not aware of a leaked tape.

The Bureau of Prison told this tabloid in a statement:

“We cannot verify the authenticity of the recording you refer to.

“However, we can assure you that there are qualified management personnel at the Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) Seagoville to ensure that FCI Seagoville operates in a safe manner and provides programs essential to successful inmate reform and return to society. “


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