Jonnie Irwin does not want to tell his children that he is dying of terminal cancer

A British TV presenter has left viewers “heartbroken” when he opened up about his terminal cancer diagnosis.

Jonnie Irwin, 49, spoke in devastating detail about what his impending death means for his wife and three children.

Irwin was diagnosed with lung cancer and admits it’s likely someone else will raise their kids after he’s gone.

“Every time something really nice happens to them, something knocks on my door and says, ‘Don’t get too happy, because you won’t be around for long,'” he told The Sun.

‘Then I guess they won’t remember me, no way.

“They’re too young and if I die this year there’s no chance they’ll have any memories.

“And someone else will probably bring them up. I’ve done the hard yards with them and someone else will get the easy part.

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Irwin focuses on “making memories” with his wife Jessica and their brood after being told he has just six months to live following a 2020 diagnosis.

He admits he feels “no need” to tell his children Rex, three years old, and twins Cormac and Rafa, both two, about his tragic diagnosis.

“It’s only recently that we’ve considered when we’re going to tell them,” he said.

“Because they are so young, but right now I am me – albeit a thinner version.

‘I don’t think it’s necessary to tell them. I think it would be a lot for them to get their head around.

“For now, let the good times roll for as long as possible,” Irwin added.

Irwin recently revealed to The Sun that he was fired from his job A place in the sun after revealing his illness.

Production company Freeform had responded by saying “no stone was left unturned” in hopes of keeping him on the show, but insurance proved to be a problem.

“It broke my heart. I don’t think they even fought for me,” Irwin said.

Viewers were left immensely emotional watching his candid talk at home.

One took to Twitter to write, “OMG Jonnie Irwin’s beautiful kids, heartbreaking #GMB.”

A second added: “So sad to hear of Jonnie Irwin’s illness. I have often seen him filming in Spain. Beautiful man #GMB,” a third continued, “Jonnie Irwin is the reason I watch #PlaceintheSun, what a great attitude, his family should be so proud of him, sending strength to his family #gmb.”

One then said “listen to jonnie’s story #gmb” while another said “wow that was powerful #gmb good luck, and give him a job #itv #leicesterlad.”

This article was originally published by The Sun and reprinted with permission

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