Joe Biden’s foreign policy ranks higher in Europe than in the US: Report

The highest approval was in Poland, a NATO ally with 74%. (File)


US President Joe Biden has struggled in domestic polls since last year, but his foreign policy ranks better in much of Europe as he leads the effort against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

A 14-country survey released Thursday by the United States’ German Marshall Fund said Biden’s foreign policy approval was higher than in the US in all countries surveyed except Italy and Turkey.

The highest approval was in Poland, a NATO ally on the front lines of efforts to help Ukraine, where 74 percent said they fully or partially approve of Biden’s foreign policy and only 13 percent disapproved of it.

Also in Lithuania, Romania, Portugal, Sweden and Germany, the approval for Biden’s foreign policy was above 60 percent. In the United States, 47 percent expressed support.

The transatlantic survey found that 64 percent ranked the United States as the most influential player in the world, a slight increase from a year earlier.

In one squad, the European Union came in second, beating China, fueled by the growing number of Europeans who said the 27-nation bloc was the most influential global player.

The study also found lukewarm support for military aid to Taiwan if China invades self-governing democracy, a possibility raised by Biden over concerns fueled by the war in Ukraine.

Only seven percent of Americans were in favor of sending troops to Taiwan for an invasion, a figure still higher than any other country surveyed.

The survey was usually conducted in late June and early July with an average of 1,500 respondents in each country.

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