Jim Lee-inspired Black Adam Movie 12-inch figure of McFarlane

Jim Lee inspired Black Adam Movie 12-inch figure of McFarlane

It hardly seems real that after fifteen years of talking, Dwayne Johnson’s… Black Adam is finally in the final straight line to release. And to prove it, we now have a figure based on the artwork of a comic book legend, based on the actor who plays the cartoon character. Like most McFarlane Toys 12-inch figures, this Black Adam movie figure might count more as a statue. It’s predestined in flight, with the cape billowing out the back. But unlike statues, it is affordable and costs $39.99. (Most such figures can include 2-3 points of articulation, allowing for really minor adjustments.)

Black Adam is clearly going through several costume evolutions. On the 7-inch scale, McFarlane makes two: one with a hooded cloak and one without. But this seems more like a final evolution — a mirror version of the way Shazam’s duds look in the DCEU.

Jim Lee-inspired Black Adam Movie 12-inch figure of McFarlane

The figure currently looks like a Target exclusive, with pre-orders online and no delivery date specified. That would fit with the company’s frequent reliance on exclusive retailers to keep the line alive in mainstream stores.

Jim Lee-inspired Black Adam Movie 12-inch figure of McFarlane

Now let’s see if any of the other JSA members get their due. A flying Hawkman similarly suspended can look visually spectacular.

Do you want to pre-order this Black Adam? Do you like McFarlane’s contoured 12-inch figures in general? Let us know in comments.

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