Jennifer Aniston explains why actors who guest starred on friends were ‘terrified’ during the experience

It’s been almost 30 years friends premiered on NBC, and it’s kind of become the ultimate comfort show ever since. It’s really no surprise why, as the constant light humor maximizes viewability, and the many guest stars who are now major faces in Hollywood give modern viewers fun 90s throwbacks during binge eating. While the guest stars were a treat for fans (and you may have even forgotten that there were some famous actors in the show), it was not always easy for the guests. Series star Jennifer Aniston now explains that the actors who guest-starred on the show were “terrified” during the experience, and the reason why makes perfect sense.

Jennifer Aniston and her five friends co-stars played their characters for an entire decade, which is more than enough time to feel comfortable on set and with each other — and build lasting relationships that last even today. But during an interview with Sebastian Stan for Varieties Actors on Actors segment, Aniston revealed that guest stars were quite “terrified” by the live audience aspect of the legendary sitcom. Here’s exactly what she said about actors’ experience with guest or minor roles throughout the series’ 10 seasons:

… you had an audience. …And by the way, every movie actor who came to our show was terrified. It was like, ‘Who are these people laughing at what I’m saying?’

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