Jayland Walker: Attorney Says Body Camera Video Shows Black Driver Shot More Than 90 Times

“Disconcerting” CCTV footage shows officers in Akron, Ohio, firing more than 90 shots at the back of Jayland Walker, a 25-year-old black motorist who fled a small traffic jam earlier this week on foot. More than 60 of the bullets hit Mr. Walker.

Attorney Bobby DiCello, who represents Mr. Walker’s family, reviewed the footage ahead of its expected release Sunday afternoon by Akron authorities at a scheduled press conference.

“In my 22 years on probation, both as a former district attorney for Cuyahoga County and as a civil rights attorney on many serious cases of deadly use of force, I have never seen anything like it in my life. It’s very, very disturbing,” Mr. DiCello told the Akron Beacon Journal† He added that Mr Walker appeared to have between 60 and 80 wounds.

The lawyer said the video was “incredible” and “cruel”, but called on community members to heed Mr Walker’s requests to keep the ongoing protests peaceful.

“We are all bracing for the community’s response and the only message we have is that the family no longer needs violence,” he said. “…It needs peace, and it wants peace, and it wants the process to unfold.”

Officer met Jayland Walker in the early hours of Monday morning and stopped him for a small violent outfit.

When he met the police, the 25-year-old fled on foot, according to body camera images, the lawyer said.

Akron police have said they saw a flash of gunfire, captured on a state transportation camera, from Mr Walker’s car before he fled, although Mr DiCello said he saw no evidence of this. He noted that all the windows in Mr Walker’s car were intact when he was found.

Local residents have been protesting the shooting for days.

“If some people don’t follow the directions, they end up in handcuffs,” Hamza Khabir, of activist group Law Enforcement Equality Reform, said. The New York Times† “When black people do that, they get shot.”

The city has canceled a planned July 4 celebration in light of the shooting.

“He was my skinny nephew,” Mr. Walker’s aunt, Lajuana Walker Dawkins, said at a news conference Thursday. “And we miss him. We just want some answers.”

An unknown number of Akron police officers have been placed on administrative leave following the shooting.

The Akron Police Department and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation are investigating the shooting and will turn over their findings to the Ohio Attorney General’s office.

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