Japan Zipair Airline Shut Down Z Logo As Pro-Russia Symbol

Zipair president said they are dropping the logo to avoid anyone thinking they are in favor of conflict.

Tokyo, Japan:

Japanese budget airline Zipair didn’t launch until 2020, but an unfortunate coincidence has forced a rebranding of its logo – the letter Z, now linked to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The symbol sparked controversy worldwide after it was spotted on Russian tanks and military uniforms in Ukraine.

It has since appeared on cars and clothing in Russia and online and has become a sign of support for the invasion, a patriotic trend the Kremlin is eager to encourage.

Zipair president Shingo Nishida said on Wednesday the company is dropping the logo to prevent anyone from mistakenly thinking that his company is championing the bloody conflict.

“Some people may feel that way when they see it without any explanation,” he told reporters, according to Kyodo News and other local media outlets.

Zipair’s new logo — a green, black and white geometric design — will replace the black “Z” currently on the tailfin of its planes starting Saturday, the reports said.

Zipair, a subsidiary of Japan Airlines, connects Narita International Airport near Tokyo with Bangkok, Seoul, Honolulu, Singapore and Los Angeles.

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