Jan 6 Hearings Resume Last: Newly Released Photos Show Pence and Family Hiding During the Capitol Riots

‘The Big Lie was also the big rip off’: Jan 6 commission hears Trump’s fraud claims

A newly released photo shows then-Vice President Mike Pence and his family in hiding after being evacuated from the floor of the U.S. Senate when a mob broke through the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, storming the halls of Congress.

The image — obtained by ABC news — shows Mr. Pence with his wife Karen Pence, his brother (U.S. Representative Greg Pence) and Charlotte, the daughter of the former vice president, in a ceremonial office near the Senate floor. You can see Mrs. Pence drawing the curtains to the office.

Meanwhile, the panel released footage from a tour given the day before the Capitol Rebellion by Republican Congresswoman Barry Loudermilk — noting that “individuals on the tour photographed and recorded areas of the complex that are normally of no interest to tourists, including corridors, stairs, and security checks”.

Mr Loudermilk denies that the tour provided an “exploration opportunity” to its visitors, and a letter from the Capitol Police released earlier this week said police do not consider the tour suspicious.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump wrote in capital letters on Truth Social: “They cannot defend the fraud and irregularities that have taken place. The committee is a SCAM!”


Should Jesus have had an AR-15? Lauren Boebert mocked for missing point of Christ’s sacrifice

Congressman Lauren Boebert faces backlash for linking the death of Jesus Christ to gun rights, implying he could have defended himself from crucifixion had he had an assault rifle.

Speaking at an event hosted by Charis Christian Center last Saturday, the Colorado representative said “little Twitter trolls” often challenge her about her pro-gun stance, asking whether Jesus needed AR-15 rifles.

“They like to say, ‘Oh, Jesus didn’t need an AR-15. How many AR-15s do you think Jesus would have had?’ Well, he didn’t have enough to stop his government from killing him.”

Read the full story here:

Marosha MuzaffarJune 16, 2022 10:00


Who is Barry Loudermilk and why did he give a tour of US Capitol on January 5, 2021?

In addition to being all of those things, 63-year-old Barry Loudermilk is now being rumored to be an individual who led an “untypical” tour of the US Capitol on January 5, 2021.

Andrew Buncombe reports on how the Georgian lawmaker was at the center of the Jan 6 commission’s investigation.

Oliver O’ConnellJune 16, 2022 09:30


6 Jan committee confirms witnesses on Thursday

Today’s hearing at 1:00 p.m. ET (6:00 p.m. UK) will include testimony from Greg Jacob, former counsel to Vice President Mike Pence, and Michael Luttig, retired judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit and informal counsel to Mr. pennies.

In a video leading up to the hearing, committee chair Liz Cheney explained that the focus will be on President Donald Trump’s “relentless efforts” to pressure Mr. Pence to refuse to count legitimate votes in the 2020 election. .

She notes that a federal judge has said it likely violates two federal criminal laws.

Oliver O’ConnellJune 16, 2022 09:15


What have we learned so far from the January 6 committee hearings?

After nearly a year of investigation, the select House of Representatives committee charged with investigating the circumstances leading up to the worst attack on the U.S. capital since 1814 presents its preliminary findings to the public.

The panel of seven Democrats, along with Republican representatives Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, began revealing what it learned in prime time, at a hearing on June 9.

On Monday, the select committee presented videotaped testimony from Bill Stepien, former President Donald Trump’s campaign manager, as well as an ex-Fox News editor, a top GOP election attorney and two Republican former administration officials who were in the receiving seat. end to Donald Trump’s wrath after he disagreed with his lies about the course of the 2020 election.

The presentation was the first follow-up to the panel’s prime-time opening hearing, showing viewers unseen footage from police body-worn cameras, Capitol security cameras and footage captured by British documentary filmmaker Nick Quested. who spent the days leading up to the attack behind members of the pro-Trump extremist gang known as the Proud Boys.

the independent‘s Andrew Feinberg examines some of the biggest revelations from the first two hearings.

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ICYMI: Vice-Chairman of the Jan. 6 Committee, Liz Cheney, Previews Thursday’s Hearing

Vice-Chairman of the Jan. 6 Committee, Liz Cheney, previews Thursday’s hearing and focuses on President Donald Trump’s “relentless efforts” to pressure Vice President Mike Pence to refuse to count the legitimate votes.

She notes that a federal judge has said it likely violates two federal criminal laws.

Oliver O’ConnellJune 16, 2022 08:30


DeSantis jokes he welcomes ‘African Americans’ support after Elon Musk backs him

When asked on Wednesday about Mr. Musk’s support for him, Mr. DeSantis said, “I’m focused on 2022, but with Elon Musk, I’d say I welcome support from African Americans. What can I say?”

Mr. Musk was born in 1971 to white parents in South Africa. He grew up in Pretoria before moving to Canada at age 17 and later moving to the US.

Gustaf Kilander has the story.

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Trump predicts Cheney’s fate in Wyoming primaries after ‘accuser’ is impeached in South Carolina

Former President Donald Trump has attacked longtime nemesis and vice chairman of the Jan. 6 committee, Liz Cheney, by calling her a “war criminal” and saying she will suffer the same electoral fate as South Carolina Representative Tom Rice, who voted to to drop him off.

Mr. Rice lost his primary on Tuesday night (see our coverage below), and Ms. Cheney follows her Trump-backed opponent in Wyoming in her race.

Mr Trump posted to Truth Social:

The same is going to happen in Wyoming with Virginia “resident” Liz Cheney, which happened in South Carolina with Congressman “Impeach Master” Tom Rice, who lost 28 points as incumbent! To me she is nothing less than a war criminal who has done a terrible job for the Great State of Wyoming!

Oliver O’ConnellJune 16, 2022 07:00


GOP Rep Loudermilk Calls On Jan 6 Panel ‘Defamation Campaign’

Georgia Republican Representative Barry Loudermilk has criticized the House Select Committee investigating Jan. 6 for what he believes is a “defamation campaign” after a video was released showing him touring the Capitol on January 5. January 2021 – the day before the uprising.

Gustaf Kilander reports from Washington, DC.

Oliver O’ConnellJune 16, 2022 06:00


Full Biden Statement on Aid to Ukraine

According to the White House, the phone call to the Ukrainian president to notify him of the assistance lasted from 10:54 am to 11:35 am this morning:

Statement by President Joe Biden on aid to Ukraine and meeting with Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy

This morning I spoke with President Zelenskyy to discuss Russia’s brutal and ongoing war against Ukraine. I reaffirmed my commitment that the United States will assist Ukraine in defending its democracy and supporting its sovereignty and territorial integrity in the face of unprovoked Russian aggression.

I informed President Zelenskyy that the United States is providing Ukraine with an additional $1 billion in security assistance, including additional artillery and coastal defense weapons, as well as ammunition for the artillery and advanced missile systems the Ukrainians need to support their defensive operations in the Donbas. We also discussed today the efforts of Minister Austin in Brussels to coordinate additional international support to the Ukrainian armed forces.

We also remain committed to supporting the Ukrainian people whose lives have been torn to pieces by this war. Today I also announce an additional $225 million in humanitarian aid to help people in Ukraine, including by providing safe drinking water, critical medical supplies and health care, food, shelter and cash for families to purchase essential items. . The courage, resilience and determination of the Ukrainian people continues to inspire the world. And the United States, along with our allies and partners, will not waver in our commitment to the Ukrainian people fighting for their freedom.

Later at the White House press conference, NSC strategic communications coordinator John Kirby said the government has now provided a total of $5.6 billion in military aid to Ukraine since the Russian invasion.

Oliver O’ConnellJune 16, 2022 04:59


‘Blockbuster moment’ expected during testimony of retired judge Michael J Luttig

Retired federal judge Michael J Luttig will testify before the Jan. 6 committee on Thursday and plans to testify that the Republican National Committee erroneously referred to some of the events of Jan. 6 last year as “legitimate political discourse.”

CBS News reported, citing two sources familiar with the planned testimony, that Mr. Luttig is also expected to warn fellow conservatives about the seriousness of what Mr. Trump did when he went out of his way to hold the presidency that day. , can not be ignored.

Conservative activist and commentator George Conway said: MSNBC: “I really want to hear this [Mr Luttig’s] testimony. I think it’s going to be a blockbuster moment in these hearings.”

Marosha MuzaffarJune 16, 2022 04:50

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