Jan 6 Committee Live Updates: Cheney Claims Trump Said Pence ‘Deserves’ Hanging

During a nearly two-hour prime-time hearing, the House selection committee placed Trump at the center of a “coup attempt” and “multi-step plan aimed at undoing the presidential election,” with panel chairmen emphasizing how Trump and his allies repeatedly tried to stop the peaceful transfer of power.

Never-before-seen footage and graphic testimony from a Capitol police officer, who described the mob as an “absolute war zone,” brought some in the courtroom to tears, as the committee set out how it will explain in subsequent hearings how a “deliberate seven-part plan.” Trump to steal the election.

Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., said the 11-month investigation involving more than 1,000 interviews revealed Trump was “well aware” of the Capitol violence and the security risk to Vice President Mike Pence and lawmakers, but before that. chose to do nothing.

“President Trump not only refused to tell the crowd to leave the Capitol, he made no appeal to the United States government to give instructions to the Capitol,” she said. “The vice president — Pence — did all those things.”

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