Jamshedpur’s Prachi Adeshra: The Artist Who Follows Her Heart

Former XLRI student enchants art lovers with aesthetic paintings

Jamshedpur, 9 May: The artwork created by the young artist of Jamshedpur Prachi Adeshra stays with you for a long time even after they disappear from your sight. On a huge canvas, paintings of Hindu gods and goddesses draw attention, along with subjects ranging from the environment to rural life.

Raised in a family of jewelers, Prachi had her professional life charted. After studying Gemology at the Gemological Institute of America, India, she joined her family business in jewelry manufacturing.

“I had been working for about a few months and I liked the work, but deep down it felt like something was missing, that something wasn’t right,” says Prachi, who also studied Entrepreneurship at B-school XLRI.

Although she worked as a sales and purchasing manager in her jewelry store, she decided to explore outside the business and focus on her hobby of painting, which paved the way to become an artist.

Jamshedpur's Prachi Adeshra: The Artist Who Follows Her Heart

“I started painting at a very young age, I drew on all the walls of the house. It didn’t take long before I was looking for tutorials on the internet myself. Then it dawned on me that it is no longer just a hobby, but that it liberates me. Makes me whole. Initially I painted with acrylics, but once I started dabbing my hands with oil paints, there was no going back. It taught me not only to trust my gut, but also tremendous patience. It’s challenging and satisfying. I also started experimenting with painting jewelry for my clients at work,” Prachi said with a twinkle in her eye.

She said that when she started her journey, it boosted her confidence. “As a hobby I started painting once a week. But connecting with the canvas and the colors made me realize that I was here myself,” says the artist, adding that the journey from a hobby to a profession was “animated.”

Speaking on the theme that governs her art, she says, “My paintings are vibrant and portray happiness as the intent was to spread joy, the flow of life and positivity through my art.”

Jamshedpur's Prachi Adeshra: The Artist Who Follows Her Heart

Interestingly enough, Prachi draws inspiration for most of her artwork from meditation, which teaches her to focus on inner goodness and messages. “I meditate on the universe to give me guidance and messages,” she says.

Prachi has walked the untraveled road and has achieved measurable success and achieved her goal of bringing happiness – the intent that led her to pursue it. The road was not one without challenges. “People don’t take you seriously, they are skeptical of you as an artist and skeptical of picking up your pieces. I’m lucky enough to have tremendous support in my family that keeps me moving,” noted the young talent.

Prachi, whose favorite painter is Bob Ross, also plans to host a solo exhibition of her art soon.

“When I paint, it gives me peace of mind to know that no matter what direction life takes, this form of art will always stay with me,” she wrote.

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