ITV The 1% Club inundated with complaints as fans demand the same

The 1% Club was inundated with viewer complaints as fans criticized the size of the questions on the screen. Channel 4’s quiz show, hosted by Lee Mack, is a huge hit.

But fans have one big problem: they can’t see the questions to play with. Besides the questions and answers being too small for some viewers, they also disagreed with the show’s switch to show the contestants too soon.

They took to Twitter to demand that ITV make an app to make it easier for people to reply. @jomckay1978 said: “Almost every tweet about #The1PercentClub is about the annoying shrinking graphics. Please find out if there is another series or develop an app so we can play along more easily at home. #frustrating”

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@musictvtweets commented: “Hope they make an app for the next series of this show. Maybe it will help to see the questions more clearly. #The1PercentClub.”

@misscatxxxx wrote: “#The1PercentClub should really make an app for this so we can actually play with it at home.”

@FullerWater furious: “I mean @itv is notoriously bad at making accessible TV, but if everyone on Twitter is complaining that they can’t see the answers properly on #The1PercentClub, they may actually be doing something about it. # DisabilityTwitter.”

@5imonJackson added: “Hey #The1PercentClub, making the question so small makes it impossible to play with. We don’t need to see the participants as they work out.”

@Alan_Henning commented: “@ITV#The1PercentClub – How on earth are we supposed to play along at home if we can’t read the questions? We don’t need to see the audience or the host, we want to play along!”

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