It’s time to stop letting a vocal minority of toxic fans ruin Star Wars

So, what should the reasonable and passionate ‘Star Wars’ fans of the world do about this? For me, it’s about not going to the dark side. It’s about not amplifying those loud, horrible voices further. I’m not even going to mention any of the poisonous names here (even if it would be easy to terribly long list), that’s kind of the point. Adding oxygen to a fire only makes the flames hotter. Sure, anyone who wants to say horrible things to someone or about something can sign up for Twitter, but we don’t have to believe it or put it in the spotlight.

Instead, we can focus on being positive and discuss this thing that many of us love in a constructive way. I’m not saying we can’t be critical – we should be – but there are ways to do that without feeding the ugly beast. Kill them with kindness, as it were. Let’s bring some Babu Frik energy to the party and a little less Kylo Ren.

I think back to my time at Star Wars Celebration in 2019. Here I was, at this giant convention full of people who also loved this thing that I loved. All ages, sizes and shapes from all over the world. What did we all have in common? By and large, “Star Wars”, but we all loved it in our own way. You know what I haven’t come across in all my four days there? An ounce of toxicity at the absolute epicenter of fandom.

I know in my heart that this is more symbolic of the whole. Let’s find ways to make that bleed through. It’s time to make this toxic nonsense a part of the past and, to borrow from Kylo Ren, it’s also time to let the past die. Kill it if you must.

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